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December 2021 Platform Updates

The development sprint for this month included new features, bug fixes and improvements within Shortlist platform.


  • Freelancer's availability is automatically updated when they completed a task


  • Fixed error when a freelancer was moved to next stage in an onboarding workflow and is seen once in 'Every Stage' but included twice in counter of the amount of freelancers
  • Fixed issue when the word "rates" was visible on a freelancer's profile even if no rates added to the environment
  • Fixed issue for the wrong values in appearing in the custom partner field dropdown after editing a freelancer's profile
  • Resolved issue where avatar with invalid initials displayed when "worked with me" was clicked
  • Resolved issue when removing a custom field with the "other" option enabled, does not remove the "other" custom field
  • Fixed error when an hiring manager administrator should log into their account via login page each time they open direct secure link (unless already logged in)