Custom notifications in are simple yet powerful ways to enhance your onboarding process.

What are Custom Workflow Notifications used for?

Share information. 

Start a process. 

Send a reminder.

Request approval.

Set expectations.

Initiate automations.

Provide context. 


Examples of Custom Notifications 

You can notify any recipient about any information during any stage of the workflow. 

Some great examples we've seen include: 

  • Send an approval request email to Legal or Finance before continuing with a new hire request. 
  • Send talent a confirming and next steps when they've completed onboarding.
  • Sharing information with an external entity to set up a record in a 3rd party tool. 
  • Send a configured disqualification/rejection email during your recruiting phase. 

Create a Custom Notification

If you're an admin, start by editing the workflow and clicking on a stage. 

Select whether the notification will go to the talent or a teammate. 

Select the recipient who will be receiving the custom notification from the list.

Build the email by entering a custom subject and content/body

Select the button caption. This is the CTA (Call to Action) button that gets the recipient into the tool to complete the action. 

Select when the message will be sent. 

Click Save

Don't forget to save the stage and workflow as well. 

Key Tips & Tricks

Include PDF Summary Attachments

For Teammate notifications, you can include a PDF with the workflow summary. 
This includes data entered into stages so far, including the data log, links to attachments, job opening details, and profile information.

Insert Variables 

We can merge variables across all our modules to tailor the message with relevant information. To insert variables, type # followed by the field keyword and scroll to find the field. 

Send to External Recipients

You can send notifications to non-Worksuite users!  Use the 'Add a teammate notification' and Ssmply type in any email and select the email from the dropdown.

Notification Triggers

The last part of configuring a custom notification is to select when to send it. We have a variety of options to tailor to your specific needs: 

  • Leave the stage
  • Enter the stage
  • Reaches 100% of the stage - Relevant for manual stages when you want a message to be triggered after they complete all required fields but you don't want them to leave the stage, such as reviewing their tax information. 
  • Is disqualified at this stage - See Creating Workflows.
  • Send this message manually from the stage - Relevant when you want to decide when to send the message. 

To reduce multiple back-to-back emails for talent, we do not send the notification to talent during the 'Enters the stage' if they are completing their stages all at once. 

We have the ability to send reminder notifications if someone doesn't complete their stage. This is typically sent after 1 hour, but can be configured to your preferences.