Make Your Brand Shine with Worksuite's Fresh Sidebar Design!

At Worksuite, we're committed to enhancing your freelancer management experience and ensuring your brand truly stands out. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our revamped sidebar navigation, designed to give your platform a new, exciting look.


What's New?

  • Clearer Text Labels: We've replaced icons with text labels for better navigation clarity.

  • Organized Hierarchy: Our sidebar now features an organized hierarchy of related features, making it easier to find what you need.

    Expand or Collapse: You can now expand or collapse the sidebar to customize your contractor information view.

Why the Redesign?

  • Improved Usability: We've prioritized usability for your team and global talent.

  • More Branding Opportunities: The sidebar provides a larger canvas to showcase your brand colors.

  • Simplified Structure: Worksuite features are logically labeled under their parent modules.

  • Accessible Support: The "Support" widget is now conveniently located at the bottom of your sidebar.

  • Collapsible View: You can fold it to icons-only for a broader view of freelancer and invoice data.

Ensure your logo looks great on the new sidebar. Here's how:

  • Go to Settings (click the ⚙️ icon) in the bottom left.
  • Click on "Company Profile."
  • Update your Logo file on the right or change the hex code of your Color theme to match your brand colors.
Pro tip: ensure your logo and sidebar colors complement each other. For dark logo, opt for a lighter background and vice versa.

Worksuite empowers you to make the platform your own. Have fun customizing it!


Have questions about the sidebar navigation?

Click the Support button in bottom left-side our amazing Support team or reach out to