There may be a time when you'd like to edit or delete your profile in Worksuite. If you encounter this situation, there are two options to suit your needs.


Deleting Personal Information on your Profile

Deleting select information in your profile is as simple as editing this from your dashboard. Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Worksuite Dashboard, and click Edit Profile.


  • Go to the desired field, delete the information and click Save.


Note: You will not be able to save changes if mandatory fields such as name and email are deleted. If you would like to remove this information, follow the procedure to delete your profile below.

Permanently Deleting your Worksuite Profile

Deleting your Worksuite profile is simple; follow the steps below on how to do this. 

Note: what will happen at the end is that a request will be sent to an admin from your client. They will need to approve the deletion from your profile for it to take effect.

1. Log in to your Worksuite account

2. Click on your picture icon at the bottom left corner (it could also be your initials)
3.  Click on Account

4. Then, you will see the "Delete your account," and this will delete and permanently remove your information from the platform. 

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