When registering with your client's Worksuite platform and onboarding with the requested information, you may be asked to fill out your US Bank Details and Tax Information.  

This information is used to ensure that your payments can be effectively processed by your client. Please note that in some cases, your client will need your tax information in the system as shown below. They may also request you to complete a W-9 so that they may keep it on file.

Non-US Bank Accounts: If you are not a US bank account holder, be sure to use the field provided to select the appropriate country designation before entering bank details. This will ensure you are asked to complete the correct information.


Introduction to bank details

The Worksuite Pay Bank Details Form (BDF) allows you to enter and update your bank details as well as check your payability status (If you are "Payable", your information has been entered correctly. If you are not "Payable", there are errors that need to be corrected). 


Please note that we are required to collect certain information for regulatory and tax compliance reasons. Protecting your personal information is our top priority which is why we use bank-level security to keep your information safe.

How to access the Tax Information form

1. Go to Settings -> Tax Information by clicking on the circle with your avatar, then Settings -> Tax Information.

2. From there, you will see a dropdown menu that allows you to select the country in which you file taxes in.

Keep in mind that your SSN, Full name, and Address are all mandatory fields and you won't be able to save your changes if these fields are not filled in properly.

When selecting "Other" from the country selection dropdown menu, the mandatory field will now be the 
Federal Tax information Number.

Please note that "Federal Tax Information Number" is a generic way of referring to the number used in your country to identify taxpayers – You should use your countries own way of tax identification document.

For more information about our Tax Information form, see articles here.

How to complete the bank details form

Here is a short explanation of how the BDF works and how to fill it out properly.

1. Go to Settings -> Bank Details by clicking on the circle with your avatar, then Settings -> Bank details on the left sidebar.

2. Select desired Bank Account Country and Currency from the two top dropdowns. 

The form has a help sidebar and contextual hints to clearly walk you through the process, depending on the currency/country. 

3. Select options to enter your bank details in the successive fields, which vary in accordance with your country and currency selection.

4. Enter the rest of your bank details according to the help sidebar, contextual hints. 

5. Provide the address of the recipient (the account holder on record with the bank). Note that these fields do not request the address of your bank.

6. Fill out intermediary account information. Note that this information is optional. Upon completion click on the "Save Changes" button to verify if entered information is valid.

7. After saving your Bank Details you can see a status information box at the top of the form. Blue status indicates that your bank details are verified and you are ready to receive payments, yellow and red statuses are covered below.

8. If any problem has occurred while processing your payment, you will see three kinds of errors on the Payments view as well as on the Bank Details Form.

Errors and Issues

Red Status 

Indicates different errors described in the error message, all of them are critical and prevent your payments from being processed.

Red status with "Update Bank Details" button 

This indicates that Worksuite was trying to process your payment but it bounced back due to numerous reasons. Adding new expenses and receiving payments are locked until you update your bank details and get a blue payability status.

Red status with "Edit Tax Info" button

This error indicates payments can't be processed because TAX Information is missing or incomplete in your Worksuite profile. Complete the TAX Information form to add new expenses and receive payments.

FAQ - Signing up with an International Bank Account 

What is an IBAN? 

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is used as a standard format across the UK, Europe, and many other countries to streamline and standardize international payments.

How do I find my IBAN? 

If you don't know your IBAN, you should be able to find it by logging on to your online banking or mobile banking, selecting an account, and viewing the account details. It may also be found on your paper account statement.

Will there be an issue if the name on my Worksuite account is different than the name linked to my bank account? 

Please make sure the name associated with your Worksuite account also matches your linked bank account. For example, there may be payment delays if your individual name is listed in Worksuite but your bank account is under your business name. If your name in Worksuite does not match the name on your linked bank account, please contact payments@worksuite.com as soon as possible.

Questions & Support

For any questions related to payment status or bank details confirmation, reach out to payments@worksuite.com.