The Milestones feature in tasks gives you the flexibility to define different completion milestone(s), approve progress, and even schedule payments based on your project budget.


Introduction to milestones

Milestones are added while creating or editing a task. If you choose to add a task milestone, you can add the specific details your talent needs to understand exactly what is required and when.

Milestones are great for larger tasks or tasks that require staged deliverables - you can choose to set the milestone by percentage completion or create mandatory deliverables for your talent to submit as they progress.

Milestone fields

When creating the milestone(s), you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name (mandatory)
  • Description (optional)
  • Milestone Manager (optional)
  • Deliverables (optional)
  • Milestone Fee % (mandatory)
  • Predefined % that will help system Admins generate payment for the milestone based on the total budget specified in the task.

Milestone status

  • Not completed (default) - This is a default status when a milestone is created
  • Submitted - Once the talent submits the milestone the status changes to Submitted
  • Approved - Once the task owner approves the milestone submitted by talent
  • Rejected - Once the task owner rejects the milestone submitted by talent

Milestone payments

When the owner approves the milestone, they will be given the option to create an invoice based on the milestone. Choosing this option is a great way to increase efficiency further and decrease manual tasks!

Creating milestones

  1. Create a new task
  2. After adding your optional budget information, select the option to create a milestone
  3. Add milestone details
  4. Add milestone deliverables
  5. Click to create milestone
  6. Add additional milestones if desired
  7. Proceed in adding any remaining details of your task

Talent view

Your talent will be able to review the milestone details within the task assignment. When ready, they can submit the deliverables and the milestone. The milestone owner will receive an email notification of the submission so they can review the progress.

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