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September 2021 Platform Updates

The development sprint for this month included new features, bug fixes and improvements within Shortlist platform.


  • Add a flag that will prevent regular users from adding a payment to a partner that is NOT fully onboarded based on the onboarding workflow
  • Support for new job opening status 'Invited', 'Applied', 'Declined', 'Hired', 'Not-hired'
  • Customer logo can not be position in a rectangular position in addition to the normal square positioning
  • Added option to re-order dashboard actions
  • Added tenant term 'send invoice'
  • Removed the option to delete freelancers from the Archive directory
  • Added currency symbol to the amount value
  • Have option to archive a list
  • Added approved by/date to a option for Timesheets
  • Added tenant term: Portfolio labels 'Project name' and 'Project description'

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved profile photo, when uploading from a mobile device that it rotated sideways and was not vertical
  • Fixed bug when candidate status for a Job Opening without workflow doesn't work from Job Board view
  • Fixed bug when you click on "back to list" when it leads to an incorrect page
  • Fixed error when you click on link to archive a list it leads to a blank page
  • Resolved bug when the list of Lists view displays "List admins" instead of "List managers"
  • Fixed bug when removing a freelancer from a job opening it does not update the status
  • Resolved PDF error when creating a new requisition
  • Fixed bug when unable to remove a freelancer from a job opening
  • Resolved bug when worker-supplier relationship is removed after worker profile is edited by admin
  • Fixed error in the job opening list when the context menu doesn't exist
  • Resolved error when a Job opening location is empty when a new one is created
  • Fixed bug when phone number is not auto-populated when scheduling time in interview stage
  • Fixed issue with scrolling on large screen. User needs to resize the screen for the scrollbar to appear
  • Fixed issue with Zapier integration when task fee does not pull in Task fees
  • Resolved issue when the Add new group' button in My Shortlist, 3 dots is not working
  • Fixed error when creating Job Opening Template fills Task Template Custom Fields with either 'false' / 0 values
  • Fixed bug when User roles (and permissions) will not update while changing Vendor Type
  • Fixed error when apostrophe's in stage titles display incorrectly