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May 2021 Platform Updates

This month's development sprint includes the following improvements and bug fixes within the Shortlist platform.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error when editing invoices, causing line items to lump together¬†
  • Fixed error when an invalid error note would appear when submitting invoices
  • Resolved error where Contractors were not able to upload documents within Shortlist using a mobile device
  • Fixed error for payment generation when Tax was applied which resulted in an incorrect total
  • Resolved error when you editing a payment after the due date is removed
  • Resolved error when a custom vendor field was removed, the list became inoperable
  • Fixed error when a document could not be uploaded from a profile in talent directory
  • Fixed error when individual was saved as a candidate instead of a freelancer
  • Resolved error when a regular user with "Make job openings live" only cannot make live
  • Fixed error when Staffing Supplier gets 500 error when there's JO assigned to them