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March 2021 Platform Updates

This month's development sprint includes the following improvements and bug fixes within the Shortlist platform.


  • Upgraded staging environments

  • Enhanced conditional stages to multi-select values

  • Improved the appearance of team selection

  • Elevated updates to timesheet approvers

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed reset login links sending to incorrect email addresses
  • Fixed issue when buyer could not view their archived talent
  • Fixed custom color that was not changing when set
  • Resolved error when regular user gets 500 server error when attempting to import task using a csv file
  • Resolved error when a user cannot see task created from the action stage in the JO template
  • Resolved error when user can create a task from a template that is not assigned to their team
  • Resolved error when a buyer has no access to project, when Team’s Tasks & Projects is true
  • Fixed the bug when the custom fields of type 'text_line' get truncated in the requisition pdf export rather than wrap around.
  • Fixed a bug when a buyer attempts to remove a expired document but did not give them the option to
  • Fixed a bug when the buyer role changes automatically when updating permissions (via manage permissions) and selects 'Insights' check
  • Fixed the error when a talent is getting a white screen with only the bottom right corner “support” icon showing when using the “email me a secure login”.
  • Fixed error when it was not possible to save a job opening template
  • Resolved error when admin was unable to sign agreement