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February 2021 Platform Updates

This month's development sprint includes the following improvements and bug fixes within the Shortlist platform.


  • Improved Onboarding workflow to address when stage is “Automatic”, but routes vendor to Dashboard rather than the next stage

  • Enhanced “Requests” within Tasks/Projects for better messaging between admin and talent

  • Elevated the tasks templates for flexible user experience

  • Optimized payments testing for better experience

  • Added a field for timesheet approvers within Tasks

  • Upgraded testing environments 

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved error when line item was saved due to name being too long

  • Fixed error when line items order changes during editing

  • Resolved issue when vendor was unable to save bank details

  • Addressed issue when the changed payments total amount was not viewable in preview screen

  • Addressed issue where payments was “marked as approved” but in actuality it was not

  • Resolved invalid value error when specific state or province was being entered

  • Fixed error when Vendor payment modal header was missing information about the vendor

  • Addressed issue where custom field enabled as filter is not showing up as a filter even when it is a selected value by the vendor 

  • Addressed issue where talent was unable to edit Tax information on the onboarding workflow

  • Resolved bulk CSV import failures

  • Addressed issue when Name for Business doesn't show up when searching MyShortlist

  • Addressed issue when a query parameter was passed while searching projects/tasks

  • Resolved issue when a staff users were unable to login when a restore back up was initiated

  • Resolved error when an attribute was new