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January 2021 Platform Updates

This month's development sprint includes the following new feature, improvements, and bug fixes within the Shortlist platform.

New Feature:

  • Advanced itemized invoicing and expense tracking by adding invoice line items. 

    • Invoice line items supports the ability to track expenses, collect receipts per expense, generate PDF invoice, and customizable expense category tracking. 

    • Invoice Line Items is not enabled by default. Reach out to your account manager or to enable


  • Enhanced payment visibility for administrators by adding PDF attachment that outlines payment's details to Payment Notification emails

  • Expanded group sharing visibility for other talent to view members within a group

  • Improved performance on payment list for users

  • Upgraded the saving onboarding progress by Vendor

  • Removed ‘Company Name’ from login page

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved prompt for onboarding notifications when talent enters a particular stage

  • Fixed payment export file to remove relative paths

  • Resolve Vendor Group Sharing doesn't work

  • Corrected the file format in certain custom fields

  • Resolved errors when editing some existing payments

  • Fixed delay when when a task was being saved

  • Fixed error when Buyer is unable to view or download files in project milestones when vendor submits any progress

  • Addressed the 404 Error when ‘Preview’ Job Opening 

  • Fixed location not visible in the profile of some vendors

  • Corrected response to one of the 'Internal Review' stage questions that is not visible in 'Review Onboarding'.

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