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December 2020 Platform Update

The development sprint for this month included new features, bug fixes and improvements within Shortlist platform.

New Features:

  • Add an option to leave a review upon marking a task  as completed
  • Add an option to request a feedback from partners upon marking a task  as completed


  • Quick view of resume/cv and portfolios in partner profile pages
  • Clients are now able to manually add agreements within task creation 
  • Clients will now be able to add partners to a group via bulk action
  • Clicking on portfolios will now show the full version of the image/video
  • Enhanced some statuses within background screen processes
  • Added Compliance Status in the MyShortlist filters for clients in need of this
  • Updated task view for partners now show the most recent ones first


  • Fixed issue with notification option in onboarding workflows wherein drop down boxes never seem to pop out of your screen
  • Fixed the issue with seeing double layered texts in the subject line when inviting new partners 
  • Fixed the issue when partners attempt to open tasks on their list and receives a permission denied error
  • Fixed the issue wherein Resume/CVs can only be viewed when in PDF format
  • Fixed the issue with partners not being able to view job openings in the Marketplace
  • Fixed the issue with partners from groups not receiving notifications when job opening is live
  • Fixed the issue wherein partners have issues accessing agreements within a task
  • Fixed the issue with multiple email notifications being sent out to partners
  • Fixed the issue wherein partners submits multiple invoices with a single click
  • Fixed the issue with downloading attachments
  • Fixed the issue with adding a request feedback  via actions button in partners' profile
  • Fixed the issue in scheduling invoices in non-USD currency
  • Fixed the issue with the size and positioning of the support widget on mobile phones within the Shortlist platform
  • Fixed the issue where characters get typed outside the text box
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