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October 2020 Platform Update

The development sprint for this month included new features, bug fixes and improvements within Shortlist platform.

New Features:

  • New Stage navigation and bulk actions for Onboardings


  • Make Milestones Deliverables visible to Vendor after Milestone approval
  • UX Impovements in My Shortlist filtering
  • Vendor dashboard Job Openings ordering
  • Performance improvements for Onboarding Workflows
  • Added permissions for users to have the ability to schedule requisitions


  • Fixed issue with 500 error when removing vendor which has expenses assigned to him
  • Addressed issue with Staffing Suppliers who cannot finish Onboarding
  • Fixed issue with calculation of completion percentage while filling Onboarding with Bank Details stage
  • Fixed issue with missing 'Edit Profile' button
  • Fixed 404 error while trying to display documents from Vendor profile
  • Numerous issues with Onboarding Workflow are fixed including Partner search, disappearing buttons, disappearing Vendors, Candidates display and Stages
  • Addressed issue with displaying number of 'scheduled' expenses in Payments view