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July 2020 Platform Updates


The development sprint for this month included new features, bug fixes and improvements within Shortlist platform.

New Features:

  • Payruns view revealing the payment amount and the transactions which went into the payrun for the freelancers to review
  • Dowload PDF statement for Payruns
  • Ability to schedule Requisitions on a specific day or schedule it as recurring for a selected time period
  • Allowing admins to approve invoices/payments via E-mail
  • Added tooltips for Bank Details Form fields
  • Added sidepanel for Staffing Supplier in Job Openings view
  • Added payablity status indicator for Bank Detials Form and Payments view
  • Submission of new expenses for vendors now can be blocked if vendor is not payable
  • Automatic E-mail informing about Bank Details issues for vendors is now available


  • Improved Onboarding UI performance
  • Added permissions for admins in settings to provide access of BI reports to the teammates
  • Improved Requisition templates
  • Improved Job Openings templates


  • Fixed issue with displaying Job Openings on Staffing Supplier side
  • Adressed issue with uppercase characters in vendor's E-mail causing 500 error
  • Resolved issue with Scheduling draft Requisition
  • Fixed issue with Sisense reports permissions
  • Resolved issue with non-appearing "New Job Opening" button in Job Openings view
  • Minor fix for Job Opening scheduling