From your Worksuite account, you will be able to access payment reports via the Worksuite Payments module. Let's look at the steps below.

The Payments Report feature will help you save time by downloading all payments in CSV format to quickly sort through the data!


Downloading reports in the payments module

Step 1: Navigate to the desired payments

  • Navigate to the payments module

Step 2: Export payment information

  • Click on the ellipses (3-dot) dropdown menu
  • Select the option to export payments
  • Enter the desired date range

  • Please note that the date selection refers to the date on which the invoices were created
  • When you click the Download button, payments will be exported in .csv format

Step 3: Manipulate payment data as needed

  • When the export is complete, payments in all statuses are available. Use the filtering functions in your spreadsheet editor to manipulate the data for other views.

Please see our dedicated articles regarding how:


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