For each set of payments we process to your freelancers, we receive your funding in a dedicated Payment Processing Funding Account (PPFA).

To suit your Finance/AP preferences, Worksuite offers multiple options to transfer pay run funding to your PPFA.

Funding Type




Reverse Wire / ACH Debit

When the pay run starts, Worksuite initiates a transfer from your bank account via wire or ACH.

This is the recommended option for ease and speed.
  • Hands-off convenience

  • Payments begin sending at the earliest opportunity

  • Requires a one-time setup/authorization process: coordination with your bank and testing the connection between accounts

  • Your bank may assess a fee, especially for reverse wire

  • ACH will incur a 1-day processing delay

Pay Run Funding Advance (PRFA)*

When the pay run starts, Worksuite advances the funding and invoices you for each pay run along with your payment processing fees.

  • Hands-off convenience

  • Payments begin sending at the earliest opportunity

  • Frees up cash on hand

  • Ideal option for procure-to-pay finance systems* (see push transfer below)

  • Requires pre-approval

  • Worksuite advances funding solely in USD, which may increase FX fee liability

  • This option carries a fee for Worksuite assuming the risk associated with advancing the funds

7–30-day terms 

Fee varies by payment terms

Push funding in lump sums
  • Reducing the frequency of funding transfers reduces manual effort and wire fees

  • Payments begin sending at the earliest opportunity, drawing down on the available balance

  • Manual process

  • Requires tracking deposits against pay run totals to ensure you neither run a higher balance than desired nor come up short and delay payments

Push transfer of pay run amount upon receipt of each funding notification

**Please note that Worksuite does not invoice for pay run funding as it is not our revenue
  • Full control over your finances

  • Manual process

  • There is a T+2 deadline to receive your funding, i.e., two business days from the pay run start

  • Payments await funding before release, i.e., they will be delayed if funding is not sent in a timely manner


*PRFA requires funding currency to be USD, however, vendors may choose a non-USD currency when adding bank information. Payments will be exchanged to their preferred receiving currency and processed. Please note standard FX banking rates may apply. 

For questions regarding these methods or to change your funding method to better align with your processes, please reach out to your account manager and/or Worksuite's Payment Operations team via our group email alias or our shared Slack channel for assistance.