The "Report Issue" button on invoices allows you to flag any invoices in the Paid status for which you have not yet received the funds. When you use this button, both Worksuite and your client are immediately notified, and a support team member will contact you to provide assistance as soon as possible.

Here's how to add an invoice flag and what you can expect next:

Your invoices are visible from the Payments module, you can access this module by clicking on "Payments" tab at the left of your dashboard.

Click on the invoice you wish to flag and click on the "Report Issue" button to start the reporting process:

A text box will pop up, allowing you to describe the issue you're having with the invoice in question:

Once done, click on "Report Issue" to flag your invoice. If done correctly, a ⚠️ will show up beside the invoice:

When reporting an issue, please provide a detailed description of the issue you're experiencing. This will help us to better understand your case before contacting you.

What's next?

Once the report is submitted, we'll be notified accordingly and you can expect a member of Worksuite's payment support team to reach out in the next 24 hours. Note that issues reported during weekends or holidays will be addressed the next business day.

The moment Worksuite contacts you, the flag will be removed from your invoice to let you know the issue is being handled.

You can also resolve any invoice flags if you submitted them by mistake or prefer to contact the support team directly. To do so, simply open the flagged invoice and click on "Resolve Issue"


Do you still have questions? Click the Support button in the bottom right of any page in your Worksuite profile or submit a support request at the top of any page in this Help Center to reach our amazing Payments Support team.