Worksuite processes payout transactions across the globe. Some of these payments will be subject to a standard compliance review to ensure that they meet banking and country-specific regulations. We've assembled this guide to address any potential concerns.


What is a compliance hold?

A banking entity will pause the processing of a payment until additional information about the beneficiary and/or transaction is received and reviewed.

Sometimes the trigger is a country requirement, sometimes it's the matching of beneficiary data, and it's always in service of meeting regulatory requirements that mitigate risk against payments that are fraudulent or sent to bad actors.

Which payments are held?

While we rarely have visibility into reactive triggers for a request, Worksuite corresponds directly with your freelancers to expediently support these requests, deliver the additional beneficiary information required, and get the payment moving. We also maintain a reference of recipient countries more likely to trigger requests for proactive support.

How does the payment get moving?

We promptly reach out to the freelancer in question, letting them know the status of the payment and the information required to release the payment.

We remain in contact with the freelancer until the compliance request is satisfied to ensure the payment is released as soon as possible.

What information is required?

This will vary by banking route and country. Here are some example requests:

  • Proof of Identity: A government-issued photo ID, such as passport, driver's license, or military ID
  • Purpose of Payment: The business activity for which compensation is being issued
  • Tax ID Number: This is a common request in South American countries

Is the transmission of sensitive information secure?

We request that the freelancer upload their proof of identity and/or submit their Tax ID securely within their Worksuite profile, as opposed to via reply to our Help Desk outreach.

Is it mandatory to provide the additional information requested?

Yes, once a payment is held in compliance, failure to supply the requested information will result in indefinite delay of the payment in question and possible restrictions on future payouts to the freelancer/beneficiary.

Conversely, once the compliance request is satisfied, it will apply for all future payments.

Additional questions?

Please reach out to Payment Operations via our group email alias or our shared Slack channel, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Your freelancers may always reach our Help Desk via the Support button on any page of Worksuite or by submitting a support request from the top of any page in this Help Center.