If you are a contractor in Australia, you may be due superannuation guarantee payments from your client company. Submitting superannuation guarantee or “Super” invoices and receiving payments for those invoices is a little different from submitting and being paid for regular “Work” invoices. 

This guide will help you submit your Super invoices correctly and show you how to confirm payment.


Introduction to superannuation guarantee for AUS contractors

A superannuation guarantee is a compulsory payment client companies must make to qualifying contractors providing labor services in or from Australia. Contractors invoice the client company for the amount of superannuation guarantee they are due. Worksuite has a built-in Superannuation line item for you to use when Adding and submitting your Super invoices. Super invoices, like Work invoices, must be approved by the client company. The client company must pay the contractor’s superannuation guarantee at least quarterly. Super payments are not made directly to contractors. Rather, Super payments are made only to the fund the contractor directs payments to in the Superannuation Choice form submitted during onboarding. Worksuite notifies by contractors by email when any invoice you submit is paid, including your Super invoices. Please remember that the client company may make your Super fund payment monthly or quarterly - quarterly is the minimum requirement set by The Australian Tax Office or ATO.

To learn more about Superannuation for contractors in Australia, please follow the link to The Austrailain Tax Office.

How to add a Super Invoice

Step 1: 

After accessing your dashboard, navigate to the Payments page.

Step 2:

Click on the “Add New Invoice” button at the top right corner.

Step 3:

Add a single line item described as “Superannuation for [enter month]” and then select Superannuation from the drop-down menu in the Category box. 

Do not enter a line item to bill for your Work. The Super invoice is solely for the superannuation guarantee payments. Client managers are instructed to reject invoices that include both Work and Super charges.

Step 4:

Fill in Quantity (1) and Price (the amount of the superannuation guarantee contractor is due for the invoice time period, monthly) and then enter an Invoice Name using Super or Superannuation and month in the name.

Step 5:

Click the Send button at the bottom.

Super payment notifications and status

Worksuite will notify you when any of your invoices are paid. Since Super invoices are not paid directly to the contractor, rather to the contractor’s Super fund, and because Super payments are made by the client company, Worksuite will update the Super invoice status to Paid only upon notification of payment from the client company. The Australian Tax Office requires superannuation guarantee payments be made to the contractor’s fund by the end of the month following the end of the quarter: April for Q1, July for Q2, October for Q3, and January for Q4.

Contractors can check the status of all invoices by navigating to the Payments page from their Worksuite dashboard.

Support and resources

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