While our standard pay runs process on weekly or monthly cycles, did you know we can run payments “off-cycle”?

In the event that payments need to be sent outside of your regular schedule, we can perform an off-cycle pay run for a one-time fee of $250.00 USD to cover the manual efforts required to prepare, process, and monitor an off-cycle pay run outside of the automated actions on the standard schedule.

In order to request an off-cycle pay run, please take the following steps:

  1. Schedule the invoices to be processed, using the next available date
  2. Reach out to the Worksuite Pay team -- via our shared Slack channel or via email to paymentops@worksuite.com with Subject "Off-Cycle Pay Run Request" -- and include the following in your request: 
    • Confirm the invoices are Scheduled and the total amount
    • Date to be processed - please indicate if the payments need to be processed ASAP
    • Approve the fee of $250.00 USD
  3. Once a member of the Worksuite Pay team confirms the off-cycle pay run, please immediately wire funds to your PPFA (Payment Processing Funding Account) including the CK reference number

Once funds are received, the off-cycle payments will be sent per the usual delivery timeline. Funds will land in contractors' accounts the same or next business day if they are located in the U.S. and within 2-3 business days for international payments.

Questions? Please reach out to our Payment Operations team via our shared Slack channel or paymentops@worksuite.com (note that this contact channel is reserved for Pay customers and your talent partners may always reach our helpdesk via the Support button in their Worksuite profiles!).