Managing compliance requirements for a large volume of talent just got easier! 

Compliance Rules allow you to define a set of requirements for each partner type.

How does it work? 

First, select a combination of Agreements, Custom Profile Fields, or Requested Documents per partner type that is required in order to be considered 'Compliant' within your organization. 

Compliant Statuses

All talent will be considered 'Not Compliant' until they have completed each of the Compliance Rules. Once the talent completes the required documents, their profile will update to Compliant. 

Compliance Tab

An additional tab on profiles appears to review which compliance components are needed.

Compliance Banner

There is also a red or blue banner on the profile to indicate their Compliance status.


Best of all... use the Compliance filter in your talent directory to save a search for only talent that are fully compliant.

Override Compliance Rules 

Need to override a compliance status? Admins can use the Actions > 'Set as compliant' to manually override a compliance status. You can revert the override to allow the profile to adhere to the predefined compliant requirements.

How do I get started? 

Send an email to with your list of Compliance Rules and we'll get those configured within 1-2 business days. 

Common Examples: 

A) All Freelancers and Businesses are required to complete a Background Screening. 

- Set the Checkr Background Screening as a Compliance Rule.

- Use the Compliance filter to see only profiles that have passed their Background Check.

B) Ensure only Drivers to have a valid Driver's License as well as a signed NDA. 

- Set the Identify Verification and the NDA Agreement as a Compliance Rule

- Using Workforce Analytics, report on all Drivers that are not compliant. 

Note: Compliance Rules is a Worksuite feature and not a service. For more info on our Compliance Services - such as Global Shield, Agent of Record, or Employer of Record - reach out to