Vendor custom field configuration for talent profiles in Shortlist is a new feature which will help you add custom profile fields in Shortlist UI by yourself.
(Currently, only Shortlist users have access and not yet released for customers to configure)

The administrators can create custom fields by putting suffix /vendor-configuration/vendor-custom-fields/

Admin can see a page opening up for vendor custom field configuration as below.

There will be a default pre-defined section already present named 'Main' and we can created fields within that section.

By clicking on the section a side panel opens up with the option to add different type of custom fields.

You can also create a new section and create fields within that section. Click on Add new section.

Similarly, click on the section name and create custom fields in that.

The fields created will directly show up in the vendor's profile. If the field is created in the 'Main' section then it will be showing without any section as Social Security Number in the below screenshot and if it is created within a section it will will be showing up as Previous Employment within Employment section.

The fields will also be available for addition in the Onboarding Workflows.


  •     Only the Admins will have access to create vendor custom fields. 
  •     The field created using UI will be visible to freelancers. If you want to make any fields not visible or non-editable, please reach out to support at or reach out to your account manager.
  •     The fields created will be added to all vendor types. To remove from certain vendor types, reach out to Shortlist support or your account manager.
  •     Deleting the section will remove the section and vendor field within it from the profile.

In case of any questions or queries, please reach out to Shortlist support at