The Record Expense Issue option can help you or your talent report problems with a specific payment, and alert our Worksuite Payment team so that we can work on a fast resolution!

This option is available to Worksuite admins and the affected talent, only when a payment is in Paid status.

As the payment issue is recorded by the talent, both admins and the Worksuite Payment team will receive a notification about the issue being reported.

On the other hand, when an admin records the issue, the talent is notified about the reported issue in their Payment module.

Talent/Workspace admins can provide a description of the problem while recording the issue. Doing so would help the investigation and its resolution.

Once it is recorded, a red alert sign will appear in the corresponding payment, indicating that there is an issue with it.

When the issue is resolved, admin/talent should resolve the issue on their end to know that all is well, and no further action is required by our Worksuite Payment team.

For questions related to your Worksuite account, please email Worksuite Support or visit our Knowledge Base.