Keep track of all documents and agreements for each talent in one location - the talent profile! This is a great feature that allows you to track compliance, review previous contracts and ensure you have the most up-to-date information from each talent you work with.

Note that Talent may also be referred to as partners, vendors, freelancers, contractors or a custom term determined by your account administrator.

Agreements and documents can be assigned for signature or directly uploaded by taking action in the talent profile, creating associated stages in workflows, or initiating your task's requirements.


Document types

There are two types of documents within Worksuite, and it is important to know the difference.

  1. Agreements - Agreements are documents that require a signature, which is obtained via e-signature in Worksuite. The internal user can only send them - talent cannot initiate agreements. 
  2. Documents - Regular documents do not require a signature and can be uploaded to the talent's profile by either an internal user or a talent. For example, you could request documents via workflows such as resumes, certifications, copy of passport, etc. 


Agreements can be sent from pre-configured templates or uploaded and configured in a talent profile. If you would like a template agreement added to your platform, contact or your account manager.

Agreements and documents in workflows

Ensure talent compliance by adding agreements and documents to workflow stages. Once you do, each talent that progresses through the workflow will be asked to sign the same agreements and upload documents that pertain to their role. This is great automation to make your life easier!

Once you're in the workflows tab, you can quickly review agreements and document status for all talent!

Sending agreements from talent profiles

You can also send agreements to the talent already within Worksuite.

  1. Select the documents tab in the talent profile (this is found by clicking the ellipses dropdown menu)

  • Select either Send from template or Upload agreement for signing

  • If you are uploading an agreement from your device, follow the prompts to configure your agreement for signature. You will be able to configure signature fields and auto-fill fields that pull from the talent's Worksuite profile, standard manual text, and checkbox fields.

Sending agreements from tasks

You can send an agreement to a talent within a task that has been assigned to them. This agreement can include the description of the task and other information you require (Statement of Work).

You can choose from a pre-configured agreement template or directly upload one from your desktop. An agreement will be created based on the task details you have provided that will be electronically signed and stored under the Agreements tab within the Task. 

Agreement status

Each agreement will be assigned a status, depending on the actions that have been taken:

Waiting for others status indicates that the agreement was configured to require 2+ signatures. One person has signed, and the agreement is pending additional signatures.

DocumentsDocument status

Each document will be assigned a status, depending on the actions that have been taken:

Unverified and Verified status is directly related to whether or not the requested document was configured to require verification from an internal team member.

Manual file upload

Files are documents that can be manually uploaded for the freelancer (by internal users) or by the freelancer without being requested in a workflow. For example, you may want a certification only from a specific freelancer so you may ask them to upload the file to their profile / upload on their behalf. The Files section under the Onboarding module shows all documents that have been uploaded that were not requested in the workflow, which you can filter by type of document. To upload a new document/file to the talent profile from your user account:

  1. Navigate to the desired talent profile
  2. Click on the Documents tab within their profile
  3. Scroll to the bottom
  4. In the Other Documents section, click Upload new file 
  5. In the pop-up window, you can upload the document, choose the document type, set the document type, date of issue, and expiration date, leave a message, and chose whether or not to notify the talent of a new document via email 
  6. Click Add file and you are done!


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