You can automatically notify someone in your organization of a change in invoice status. This means no more emails back and forth or missed payment deadlines!


Invoice forwarding can be configured to send status update emails to someone in your organization or an external party that assists your team in managing talent payments.

You may have an internal finance department that manages talent payments, or an external accountant that needs to take action when invoices are paid - you can set up this automation to trigger an email in either case.

How it works

  1. You determine who should receive automatic notification of invoice status changes.
  2. Any time you approve, edit or reject an invoice, a notification is automatically sent to the person(s) indicated in your settings, including the payment details and a link to review the invoice.
  3. You save time by not needing to communicate these updates each time!

Setting up invoice forwarding

  1. Access the account settings tab in your settings menu

     2. Enter the email address for any individuals you would like to receive notification of invoice status change. You can enter as many email addresses as you would like.

     3. Notifications will now be sent to the individual(s) you indicated.

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