Workflows are a powerful tool that allows you to collect information, automate actions and connect your Worksuite modules, all adding automation to your processes and improving your team's efficiency!

Workflows allow you to create reusable processes to find new talent, gather more information from existing talent and assign work when you've found the best person for the role! Read below to learn more.


Introduction to workflows

Workflows are a full talent life-cycle solution to automate your processes from new talent sourcing through assigning work and processing payments! Click the headers below to learn more about each topic.

New talent

Workflows can be created to onboard your new talent, ensuring you have all the information you need to make great decisions and stay in compliance with internal processes and government regulations. This is also a great time to collect banking and tax information from a talent, so there is no delay in their payments!

Current talent

When you need more information from existing talent, you can create and assign them a new workflow. They will receive an email notification, and their dashboard will outline exactly what you need!

Talent sourcing & recruitment

Workflows can be created specifically for new opportunities within your organization. When added to an opportunity, the workflow can gather information pertinent to a specific role or more general information on skills and capabilities - you customize it to fit your needs!

Managing work & assigning tasks

Once you have selected the best talent for your role, they can proceed through the workflow to automatic task assignment, review, and acceptance. When work is complete, you can also automatically generate an invoice for payment!

Talent perspective

When you assign existing talent a workflow, they will receive an email notification alerting them to the new request. When they access their dashboard, the new items will be visible in their to-do list for completion.

Using workflows

Workflow navigation - single talent

The information below applies to how you interact with workflows when reviewing the information for a single talent. Each talent will have the following options available for you.

  • Current stage - this tab provides a detailed view of the information a talent input on the current stage that they are on.
  • Stages - this is where you can obtain an overview of which stages are complete for a talent and when they were completed.
  • All data - you can review the information provided in all workflow stages here.
  • Messages - this is where you manage all communications with the talent regarding their workflow progress. You can send and receive messages between your organization and the talent. Message recipients will receive an email notification alerting them that there is a message waiting for them.
  • Team board - you can communicate with your internal team regarding the talent by using the team board. The talent will never see these messages.
  • Log - this tab will record all activity regarding the workflow.

Workflow navigation - all talent

The information below applies to how you interact with workflows when reviewing the information for all talent within a workflow.

Workflow tab - selecting this view will give you a quick overview of all workflows, the number of stages, and the number of talent added to each.

Tracking workflow progress 

Once you select a workflow, the all stages view allows you to see detailed information regarding the talent added and their progress. Clicking on any of the stages in the top bar will narrow your view to only the talent in that stage. You will also see whether the workflow was assigned to an opportunity or if the talent was invited directly to the workflow.

Clicking on any talent in this view will give you a detailed view of their current stage progress.

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